Immersion and aims

Our aim is to support children to develop social, intellectual, creative and emotional skills by providing a safe and peaceful learning environment. Children are motivated to learn, and we hope to encourage them to reach their full, individual potential in a relaxed unhurried atmosphere. As this is an immersion kindergarten we also aim for the children to be able to converse in English confidently and successfully by the time they leave.

The English Kindergarten and pre-school follow the Canadian model of immersion. The acquisition of a second or foreign language in language immersion occurs naturally through its use in authentic communicative and meaningful situations. All early childhood education and care are carried out completely in English. Of course the children may use whichever language they please.

English is acquired while following a normal kindergarten curriculum: play, both free and structured, games, art and craft, music, drama, role play, stories, cooking, P.E. and
so on. We structure the activities around topics which are changed regularly.

The atmosphere is stimulating and the children are engaged in a wide range of activities that encourage as much language interaction as possible. One of the pre-school aims is to prepare the children for school. Teaching is individual and according to the child’s ability and interest. Some reading skills, writing and number are taught.

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