The English Kindergarten of Kuopio

To inquire about open places, please contact kindergarten manager Mari Jalava by phone +358447675057 or email

There are four groups on two sites ranging from nursery groups to pre-school groups. The kindergarten is open from 07:00 – 17:00.

There is usually one teacher and two nurses in each group. We have both native English and Finnish speaking teachers and nurses. Children and parents do not need to speak English when starting at the kindergarten.

A child can start at the kindergarten in August of the year when she or he is or turns 3 years old.
A child cannot come directly to our pre-school (starting in August during the year in which they turn six) without any English skills (e.g. time spent in an English speaking country). We require that a child is at least one year in the playschool before going to our pre-school unless she or he is a native English speaker. Usually children spend two years in the kindergarten and then continue at our pre-school.


The English Kindergarten of Kuopio is a private kindergarten for 3-7 year old children. It was founded in 1969 and is one of the largest English immersion kindergartens in Finland. The kindergarten is a non-profit making organisation run by a committee of eight members elected annually from the parents.

The kindergarten is on two sites, both in the city centre of Kuopio. The English Kindergarten is involved with Kuopio city´s internationalisation programme. Since 1992, children from the kindergarten have been able to apply to the bilingual class at Rajala primary school.

The kindergarten fees are eligible for municipal service voucher (palveluseteli) or private day care allowance from KELA.


We offer a high–quality early years’ curriculum which covers the areas:
personal, social and emotional development; communication, language and literacy, mathematical development, knowledge and understanding of the world, creative development.

Our curriculum is compatible with the Early Learning Curricula (VASU) used in Finnish day-care centres. We have,however, also an Early learning Curricula of our own.



Online apply

The enrolment fee for the kindergarten is 25 € and it is paid to SP OPTIA FI1246002120088374. Please put your child’s name in the message field. After you have paid the enrolment fee, please send us a copy of the receipt with this application form. The enrolment fee will not be returned. This application does not guarantee a place at the kindergarten. If you want to resign from the kindergarten, you must do so in writing one (1) month prior to leaving. If your notice is not received in time, we’ll have to charge you the payment of the following month. Our family agrees to pay the annual membership fee (60 €/family in 2009) of the English Kindergarten of Kuopio after our child has started at the kindergarten.