Our strengths

  • Native English speakers with good Finnish skills
  • Qualified and motivated staff
  • Appropriate materials, toys, games and other resources
  • Organisation of the learning environment (happy, stimulating and creative)
  • Community and parental support
  • Good collaboration with the local primary school (Rajalan ala-aste) and its bilingual class



Online apply

The enrolment fee for the kindergarten is 25 € and it is paid to SP OPTIA FI1246002120088374. Please put your child’s name in the message field. After you have paid the enrolment fee, please send us a copy of the receipt with this application form. The enrolment fee will not be returned. This application does not guarantee a place at the kindergarten. If you want to resign from the kindergarten, you must do so in writing one (1) month prior to leaving. If your notice is not received in time, we’ll have to charge you the payment of the following month. Our family agrees to pay the annual membership fee (60 €/family in 2009) of the English Kindergarten of Kuopio after our child has started at the kindergarten.